Energy efficiency of Urban ROad PRicing Investigation in Capitals of Europe

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The objectives of the EUROPRICE (Energy efficiency of Urban ROad PRicing Investigation in Capitals of Europe) project are as follows:
  1. To assess the fuel saving potential of urban road pricing schemes in several European capital cities.
  1. To extend and refine the findings of previous SAVE projects and other relevant urban road pricing initiatives by EU member states and the European Commission.
  1. To test road use charging equipment in several urban areas, in terms of user response (before and after a field trial), public acceptability, interoperability and energy efficiency implications.
  1. To relate energy efficiency to integrated urban transport pricing and associated demand management measures.
  1. To disseminate the findings to other capital cities, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.
It should be noted that the energy saving impacts of road pricing are not usually well perceived as immediate priorities by many city authorities, due to the risk involved in terms of potential lack of public acceptability.  A complementary objective of the EUROPRICE project is therefore to help overcome these institutional and administrative obstacles, by highlighting the advantages of road pricing as an energy efficiency measure to urban authorities in Europe.

General Information

The EUROPRICE project was focused on the following European capital cities as test sites:




Athens and
where road pricing pilot-actions and associated modelling had been designed and implemented expect in Budapest where modelling alone had been conducted.

Budapest Case Study

TRANSMAN had undertaken the Budapest work in EUROPRICE. It involved an assessment of the energy efficiency potential of an urban road pricing scheme using the available TRANSURS model of TRANSMAN, which has among others fuel consumption and air pollution modules.


Impact Assessment of Road Pricing in Budapest – A Case Study (Short summary of the main findings)


Modelling the Impacts of Road Pricing in Budapest (by Janos MONIGL - Zsolt BERKI, TRANSMAN Consulting;  Presented at the IMPRINT Seminar 16-17 Okt. 2003, Budapest) 


Start Date: 1997-02-01

End Date: 1999-01-31

Duration: 24 months

Project Status: Completed

Prime Contractor: University of Dublin, Trinity College (TCD)